Guerrilla Marketing – What it is and How it Works

Guerrilla marketing came into existence when Jay Conrad Levinson wrote his book of Guerrilla marketing. In short, it is the strategy used by small companies with limited resources to stand against giant companies when it comes to marketing. These techniques are different from the traditional techniques and they are new innovative ones.

These are similar to the techniques that are used by guerrilla armies that have limited resources to fight the conventional armies which have all the resources they need. What they do is to form into small groups and attack at places where the enemy will have the least suspicion of an attack. The same thing is done in guerrilla marketing.

Normally, any large company spends a large sum of money to market their products. They throw this money and advertise their products and services in TV commercials, news papers, magazines and on bill boards. Small companies are not able to compete in these forums as they are unable to spend for them. Therefore, they need to use cheaper Guerrilla marketing tactics.

In guerilla marketing, the marketers will never use the conventional ways of advertising. They will never advertise in phone books and magazines. Instead, they will use the internet before the big companies come in. Since Guerrilla tactics are easy to implement and also cost only a little, they could be used anywhere. Doing the marketing with the help of social media sites and various online forums sometimes doesn’t cost anything.

The next thing with guerilla marketing is to use your marketing IQ to your advantage. With new technology around, you have better opportunities to use guerrilla marketing tactics with better success rates today than any other time. If you are unable to devise your own methods, hire one who could provide some help to use novel ways of marketing to beat the giants.

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