Guerrilla Marketing Training

Do you have MORE customers than you can handle? Probably not. Right?

Guaranteed! This sales training course is like no other!! It is course that teaches you how to defy gravity, literally. A course that teaches you not only about sales and marketing but focuses on how to increase profits against all odds.

It is designed to be your last, best (or only) sales and marketing training. You will learn that guerrilla sales and marketing is obsessed with and focuses on profits. I think you agree with us that such a laser focus on profits is important in this (and any other) economy.

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Jay Conrad Levinson, the Father of Guerrilla Marketing, describes guerrilla marketing as:

“I’m referring to the soul and essence of guerrilla marketing which remain as always — achieving conventional goals, such as profits and joy, with unconventional methods, such as investing energy instead of money.

Guerrilla marketing is designed for small businesses that do not have huge marketing budgets. Its need can be seen in the light of:

  • Because of big business downsizing, decentralization, relaxation of government regulations, affordable technology, and a revolution in consciousness, people around the world are gravitating to small business in record numbers.
  • Small business failures are also establishing record numbers and one of the main reasons for the failures is a failure to understand marketing.
  • Guerrilla marketing has been proven in action to work for small businesses around the world. It works because it’s simple to understand, easy to implement and outrageously inexpensive.

Interested? One last thing: guerrilla marketing is needed because it gives small businesses an UNFAIR advantage! It provides certainty in an uncertain world, economy in a high-priced world, simplicity in a complicated world, marketing awareness in a clueless world.

You BETTER sign up for this. Contact us now. Hurry!