Guerrilla Marketing – What it is and How it Works

Guerrilla marketing came into existence when Jay Conrad Levinson wrote his book of Guerrilla marketing. In short, it is the strategy used by small companies with limited resources to stand against giant companies when it comes to marketing. These techniques are different from the traditional techniques and they are new innovative ones. These are similar […]

What’s Missing in Most Sales Training Programs

Do you realise that almost everyone sucks at selling their stuff? Be they small company proprietors, independent sales professionals, real estate agents, financial experts, agents, corporate salespersons or anyone else, few have truly mastered the art of selling. Today more than ever before before, to effectively be considered a best selling professional demands that you […]

Sales Skills Are Simply Communication Skills

For the last few weeks, we’ve been knee-deep in in-house sales training courses with a few of our clients. We’ve also been helping to design sales training material for these clients. It has been a wonderful experience – we love teaching and training on sales. In our sales training sessions, we focus a great deal […]